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Milad’s story

The Journey

Born in Iraq, Milad’s early dreams of a career in medicine were nearly shattered by the onset of war. His family’s refugee journey began when they left Iraq for Syria, seeking safety amidst escalating violence. Unfortunately, peace was short-lived as war also reached Syria, disrupting Milad’s education and forcing the family to live in uncertainty and danger for six years, during which time he was unable to attend school for three years. Their quest for safety led them through a perilous route to Lebanon, amidst closed airports and dangerous checkpoints, finally securing passage to Australia.

Arriving in Australia

In 1994, Milad and his family arrived in Sydney, to begin a new chapter in their lives. Stepping off the plane, he said to his family, “we should learn from the past and move forward” – which is exactly what they did. Supported by Settlement Services International, they transitioned comfortably into their new community. Milad signed up to an intensive English course and learnt quickly, propelled by a resolve to fulfil his medical aspirations. He completed a Medical Science degree at Western Sydney University, where he made the Dean’s Merit List for two years running. Milad is currently pursuing a Masters in Pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

Giving Back

Milad’s experiences have instilled in him a deep resilience and desire to give back to the community that embraced him. He is committed to aiding the most vulnerable, particularly refugees navigating their new lives in Australia. His work extends beyond academia into community service, where he uses his story and successes to inspire and assist others facing similar challenges.

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