Refugee Week

2022 Theme

Refugee Week 2022 Theme: Healing

Why does Refugee Week have a theme?  The Refugee Week theme has a number of important functions: It raises awareness of the issues affecting refugees. The theme aims to highlight aspects of the refugee experience and...



We are now taking bookings for events in July and August 2022. Please note that speakers are confirmed once a booking has been made and will be based on their availability. For further details, please fill an inquiry...


Refugee Week Sponsors 2022

The Refugee Council of Australia is extremely grateful to the following sponsors who have already committed to supporting Refugee Week.   Event Partners Principal Partner Major Partners   Partners           ...

Settlement Services International key event partner

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) has named SSI as a key event partner for Refugee Week 2022. This year’s Refugee Week theme is “Healing”, which can occur through storytelling, through community and through...

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Evaluation of Refugee Week 2022

Evaluation of Refugee Week 2022

In 2022, Refugee Week was held from 19 – 25 June 2022. Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Refugee Week was a hybrid celebration with both in-person and online events.Through the generous...

Canva Resources 2022

Our Event Partner Canva has put together some wonderful resources for you to use in the lead up to and during Refugee Week to celebrate your life as a refugee or person seeking asylum, or if you don’t have lived...

Refugee Week photographer Damon AMB

‘’Photography for me is the most powerful form of art that transforms the momentary lapse of being into eternal memories.” Damon arrived in Australia in 2013 seeking asylum. He was transferred and kept in two...



Featuring Midnight Traveler, For Sama, Watan, Rosemary's Way and Human Flow


There are so many amazing films focused on the lives and experiences of refugees. Check out some of our recommendations.

For Refugee Week, many filmmakers give access to their films to our supporters!


We’ve curated a range of excellent fiction and non-fiction books for you to read this Refugee Week. Be sure to snap a photo and share it across social media using the hashtag #RefugeeWeek. MEMOIRS &...

RCOA fact sheet: Refugee Myths & Facts

Your questions answered. Who is a refugee? ‘Refugee’ is used commonly to refer to people who are forced to leave their homes for many reasons, including conflict and violence. Sometimes it is used to also refer to a...