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Musician Gordon Koang

Refugee Week 2021 Launch Event

In an increasingly turbulent world, the need to stand united is greater than ever. In the face of the pandemic, climate change, and global conflict, unity is strength. Working together, we survive, thrive and progress...

Innocent Karabagega

Meet Innocent Karabagega, a 26-year-old of two children and law student.He was forced to flee his home country of Burundi which is one of the poorest countries in the world and spent four months travelling on foot...

Sarab Shada

My name is Sarab Shada, I am a primary school teacher as well as an English language teacher for adults. I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, but after years of journeying from country to country, my family...

Lizzy Kuoth

Lizzy is a leader in the multicultural sector and adviser on refugee experience and community engagement, passionate about the advancement and advocacy of issues to build better, more inclusive communities. Currently...

2021 Theme

Refugee Week 2021 Theme: Unity

Why does Refugee Week have a theme?  The Refugee Week theme has a number of important functions: It raises awareness of the issues affecting refugees. The theme aims to highlight aspects of the refugee...

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