Refugee Week
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The Journey

Assadullah is a former asylum seeker from Afghanistan who came to Australia on a boat in 2010. He was forced to spend time in immigration detention centres in Christmas Island and Curtin, Western Australia.

Born in Kabul Afghanistan, Assadullah had a happy childhood with a supportive family. However, due to the civil war in the 90s, he and his family were forcibly displaced multiple times internally and regionally.

Assadullah has a long history of working with international missions in Afghanistan which placed him as a target for the Taliban.

Arriving in Australia

In his journey to freedom, Assadullah faced multiple challenges including targeted attacks by the Taliban, seeking refuge in Indonesia, the harsh conditions of the sea to Australia, and the barriers of detention and settlement.

Giving Back

Since arriving in Australia, Assadullah has made immense contributions to Australia’s working force and community. He achieved his postgraduate qualification and has extensive experience working in the humanitarian settlement sector and the broader refugee community at state and national levels.

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