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Assadullah’s story

The Journey 

Assadullah was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and enjoyed a happy childhood, with a close-knit and supportive family. However, with the advent of the civil war in the 90s, they were forcibly displaced multiple times. Moreover, Assadullah’s work with international missions in Afghanistan rendered him a target for the Taliban. After surviving several targeted attacks, he was forced to leave his home country in 2010, in search of safety.  Assadullah embarked on a perilous journey, taking temporary refuge in Indonesia along the way. From there, he travelled to Australia, enduring unthinkably harsh conditions at sea.

Arriving in Australia 

When Assadullah finally arrived, his journey was far from over.  He was held in immigration detention centres for 12 months, first on Christmas Island and then in Western Australia. Assadullah’s survival of these additional challenges is yet another testament to his incredible strength of character.

Giving Back 

“Life in Australia is beautiful,” says Assadullah. “We are now citizens and we are proud to call Australia home.” Since arriving, he has made immense contributions to the workforce and community. He achieved his postgraduate qualification in Community Sector Management and has gained extensive experience in the humanitarian settlement sector and broader refugee community, at both state and national levels. His tireless dedication embodies the very spirit of resilience and community service. Assadullah’s life and work are an inspiration to those around him, promoting deeper understanding and support for refugees within Australia.

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