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Films to watch during Refugee Week

Refugee Week is a great time to watch films with family and friends, and even possible if you’re stuck in quarantine! Here are some recently released films and documentaries. Behrouz (2022) – Simon V. Kurian...


There are so many amazing films focused on the lives and experiences of refugees. Check out some of our recommendations.

For Refugee Week, many filmmakers give access to their films to our supporters!


Check out these amazing podcasts focused on the experiences of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Evaluation of Refugee Week 2022

In 2022, Refugee Week was held from 19 – 25 June 2022. Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Refugee Week was a hybrid celebration with both in-person and online events.Through the generous...

Free musical instruments

Music for Refugees is offering refugees FREE music instruments. Being a musician and realising that music is a wonderful stress reliever, Philip Feinstein began a campaign to assist children and adults in detention by...

RCOA fact sheet: Refugee Myths & Facts

Your questions answered. Who is a refugee? ‘Refugee’ is used commonly to refer to people who are forced to leave their homes for many reasons, including conflict and violence. Sometimes it is used to also refer to a...

Resource Kit 2022

We have created a resource kit with all the information you need to educate yourself on the importance of Refugee Week and learn more about how to get involved.
RCOA Resource Kit 2022 download  

how we became refugees

when i was youngeri lived in a citadelbuilt on sacred earthoverlookingancient riversdijlah, foratfragrant and fertilewhere palm trees floatedupon clouds of molten goldone day, the world discovered and foughtover the...