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Somayeh’s story

The Journey

Somayeh was born into a strict, conservative Muslim family in Tehran, the capital of Iran. After graduating from university, she began working as a science teacher in high schools. After marrying and having two children, Somayeh and her husband converted to another religion. As a result, they faced severe harassment and death threats, leaving them with no choice but to flee Iran. The family embarked on a perilous journey to Australia by fishing boat.

Arriving in Australia

Upon arrival, Somayeh, her husband, and their two children were detained for months in a detention centre. Eventually, they were sent to Melbourne, but were initially denied the right to study or work.

After two years, Somayeh and her family were granted work and study rights. She began working as an education support staff member in schools, while her husband found employment as a painter. Their children were able to enrol in school, allowing the family to start rebuilding their lives in their new country.

Giving Back

Somayeh is now dedicated to sharing her personal story to advocate for change. Working in education, she helps support students while also raising awareness about the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers. Her courage in sharing her experiences aims to foster understanding and support for those who have endured similar journeys.

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