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Woman in colourful clothing holding and smiling at her child in a garden setting

Refugee Week Poster

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The Refugee Week 2024 poster is available for download for print or web. You are welcome to download and display the poster at your school, community space or organisation.

Refugee Week 2024 Poster
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Featured on our poster are Aline, a former refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and her daughter, Ashley.

Photography for Refugee Week 2024 features refugee communities living in Toowoomba, QLD. Our photoshoot with these incredible families were made possible through facilitation by CatholicCare’s Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant Service (TRAMS).

Pick up Refugee Week posters

You can organise to pick up Refugee Week posters at the pick up points in this list.
Refugee Week poster pick up points
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Thank you to all our official Refugee Week 2024 pick up points. Please contact any of the organisations listed to collect your  posters and start promoting Refugee Week 2024.

No location near you? Please download the poster and organise printing the number you need. Thank you for supporting Refugee Week.

Aline’s Story

Originally from Democratic Republic of the Congo, Aline came to Australia after spending years in a refugee camp in Sudan.

She arrived in Australia heavily pregnant with her baby girl, while her husband – whom she’d met in the refugee camp – remained in Sudan due to COVID restrictions at the time, prolonging his stay.

Starting from scratch in Australia as a new mother while separated from her husband brought Aline numerous challenges. However, her bond with her daughter and the joy she found in motherhood gave Aline the resilience and determination to rebuild her life while waiting for her husband to join them.

Aline says, “I look forward to teaching my daughter to work hard.  We can fulfil our dreams if we are determined enough, thanks to the opportunity we have here in Australia.”

Aline now lives in Toowoomba with her family.

Refugee Week 2024 Graphic Motif

Across our Refugee Week 2024 designs, we have used the motif of a kite string arranged in the shape of human figures to reflect this year’s theme, Finding Freedom: Family. Like the string of a kite, families give us the courage we need to fly as well as a safe path back to the ground. The loops of our graphic motif allude to heads and shoulders – figures that represent family.

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