Refugee Week
Two women talking and smiling against a green leafy background.

Stories of Freedom: Family

The individuals featured in our Refugee Week 2024 photography from Toowoomba, Queensland shared with us what freedom means to each of them, with a focus on family. We invite you to read and reflect upon their stories.
Three men in neat casual wear standing on grass, one holding a cane

Azzam’s Story

For four years, Azzam, his wife, and their eleven children sought refuge in Turkey alongside thousands of others from their community. It was a period fraught with uncertainty, yet amidst the chaos, their bond only grew...

Young woman in striped shirt with long brown hair on a bridge

Chnar’s Story

Living in Toowoomba with her parents, siblings, and grandmother, Chnar's life is a testament to the power of family. At just 20 years old, she finds herself shouldering the responsibility of being one of six siblings

Man with moustache in white shirt with blue checks standing underneath branch of tree

Dakhil’s Story

Dakhil, once a teacher in his homeland, found himself thrust into the chaos of war when his community, part of the Yazidi minority in Iraq, faced the brutal onslaught of the Islamic State.

Three people, a woman in a black outfit, a man in a blue shirt, and a woman with a white scarf and green top, holding hands underneath a green canopy

Hanse’s Story

With six children to care for and nurture, Hanse's life has been a testament to the power of family. "I love my daughter, she's my world," she says, her voice filled with warmth and affection.

Stories of Freedom

In 2023, we also invited people who shared with us what freedom means to each of them. Click on the arrows below to read them all. This photography is by Muzafar Ali, a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan. He features in the documentary, "Watandar, My Countryman", which chronicles his search for an Afghan-Australian identity in both countries. The photoshoots were coordinated with the support of the Australian Migrant Resource Centre, which convenes SA Refugee Week annually.

Ibrahim Ali

It has been quite a journey from Ethiopia to Australia, with no English, to become a part of society here. Freedom for me is to express myself the way I want. Freedom of expression is the most important aspect which...


Ackim Mulumba

Ackim Mulumba is a member of the Congolese community. This is what freedom means to him: Different people have different interpretations of freedom. For me, freedom is not just the absence of violence. It has a much...


Fahima Ahmadi

Fahima Ahmadi is a former refugee from Afghanistan. This is what freedom means to her: I was evacuated from Afghanistan in 2021 when the Taliban took control of Kabul, where I’d worked for several non-governmental...


“Fresh air rejuvenates me.”

I love that I am living in Australia now. I like the warm weather here. Australia is a country where people are free to enjoy their rights. It is peaceful here and I feel I am free. I can do whatever I like. I love the...