Refugee Week


The Journey

I escaped Iran after the Iranian Government brutally suppressed its people in the Green Revolution in 2011. I fled my homeland on an unknown journey halfway around the world to Indonesia, where I took a boat with more than 250 other asylum seekers desperately seeking safety in Australia. Overloaded, it sank in wild seas in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Only I and 46 others survived. After being sent back to Indonesia and detained, I spent the next three years in limbo before being assisted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, reaching Australia in 2014.

Arriving in Australia

In Australia, I started from scratch, studying English and a tertiary preparation course at TAFE. I was later accepted by the University of Sydney where I completed a business degree, double majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics. I’m currently working as a marketing activation lead at Wesfarmers.

Giving back

Today I am an advocate for better inclusion for refugees in Australia. I feel passionate about this subject so I share my story of survival in the hope of fostering better understanding and compassion for refugees. My  goal is to change the misconception many people have about refugees. I have spoken at refugee events and universities, with a particular focus on how corporations, such as Microsoft, KPMG, Virgin Unite and Social Good Summit Australia, can encourage greater inclusion of refugees in their workforces.

Stay Connected

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