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Yaser’s story

The Journey

Yaser escaped from his homeland of Iran in 2011, driven away by the Iranian Government’s brutal suppression of its people during the Green Revolution. He travelled to Indonesia, where he embarked on a perilous boat journey to Australia with over 250 other people seeking safety. Tragically, the boat sank in the turbulent seas of the Indian Ocean, and Yaser was one of only 47 survivors. After this ordeal, Yaser was detained in Indonesia, where he spent three years in limbo. His situation improved in 2014, when he was assisted by the UNHCR to resettle in Australia.

Arriving in Australia

Starting anew in Australia, Yaser worked hard to master English and complete a tertiary course at a TAFE. Thanks to his determination and hard work, he was then accepted at the University of Sydney, where he earned a business degree with a double major in Marketing and Business Analytics. He now applies his skills and education to his role as Marketing Activation Lead at Wesfarmers.

Giving Back

Today, Yaser is a dedicated advocate for refugee inclusion in Australia. “I feel passionate about this subject, so I share my story of survival in the hope of fostering better understanding and compassion for refugees,” he explains. He aims to dispel the misconceptions surrounding refugees by highlighting both their potential and contributions to Australian society. Yaser has spoken at various events and universities, emphasising how corporations can play a crucial role in promoting greater inclusion of refugees in the workforce. His efforts are dedicated to creating a more inclusive society where refugees can thrive as integral members of the community.

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