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Tariq’s story

The Journey

Born amidst the turmoil of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1980s, Tariq experienced a childhood marked by conflict, displacement, and migration. His family fled, returning to Afghanistan in July 2001, just months before the fall of the Taliban regime. “We were full of hope for the future” says Tariq.  However, as the years passed, ethnic tensions increased and their stability was in question once more, with persistent security threats from the Taliban dampening Tariq’s aspirations for peace.

Arriving in Australia

Tariq graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Herat University in Afghanistan and moved to Sydney in 2010, to study a Masters in International Law and International Relations at the University of New South Wales. He began working at a law firm and studying migration law, with the planning to return to his home country and contribute to its development. However, as the situation in Afghanistan worsened, Tariq had no choice but to seek asylum in Australia.

Giving Back

Now a partner at Sydney law firm LexGlobal Partners, Tariq has over ten years of legal experience, including at major Australian government entities. He also works with refugee resettlement organisations and leads national advocacy networks. He says, “I want to change the general narrative about refugees in Australia by practically showing that refugees are the same as everyday Australians. I want to highlight that if they are given fair opportunities, they will have the ability and potential to grow and achieve the same as others.”

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