Refugee Week


The journey

I was working with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) in the northern part of Afghanistan when the Taliban attacked the city in 1998. That same day, I was forced to leave the country or face execution. I started my journey of uncertainty to reach a safe country by fleeing to Pakistan. I rejoined MSF and faced many challenges as a young refugee girl with no family support. When my family later joined me, we experienced economic hardship, language barriers and the hazard of being recognised by the government.

Arriving in Australia

Landing in Australia was a breath of the fresh air. I continued my education and took on the responsibilities of raising the children in my family.

Through hard work and determination, I established my business as a tax agent, business coach and business advisor and later registered a not-for-profit, the Afghan Peace Foundation. I am also associated with numerous international and national organisations, government bodies and business organisations. In 2019 my business won the Parramatta Local Business Awards, and a year after I was recognised as one of top ten businesswomen in the Parramatta local government area.

Giving back

I was born into a humanitarian family. My father was a translator with the Red Cross, which played a large role in my upbringing. I have more than 20 years’ experience with international organisations such as MSF, United Nations Children’s Fund in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Department for International Development and many more. I currently work with local councils and the Australian Government, advocating for refugees, women’s rights and education.  

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