Refugee Week
Man in white top and yellow cap with beard wearing glasses against green trees and house in background

2022 Refugee Week photographer Damon AMB

‘’Photography for me is the most powerful form of art that transforms the momentary lapse of being into eternal memories.”

Damon arrived in Australia in 2013 seeking asylum. He was transferred and kept in two detention centres before being granted a protection visa. Growing up and being an artist in Iran positioned him in an endless juxtaposition of the historical and cultural grandeur of his country against the backdrop of excessive socio-political repression and censorship by the current regime.

Damon resorts to abstract and conceptual style to fully embrace his works. His work could at times be deeply political, philosophical, autobiographical and sometimes whimsical.

Through the lens of his camera, Damon captures the beauty of natural landscapes, the ingenious nature of human beings, the Extraordinaires of urban street life, the constrictive aspects of society and the fantasy elements of his life’s journey. He cleverly incorporates techniques of photography, digital painting, collage, and photomontage to illustrate memorable portraits, places and experiences.

Damon has been actively involved in various art projects and held exhibitions in galleries in Iran, Australia and England as a multidisciplinary artist and a curator.

Damon also works as a sole trader photographer, covering events, fashion and running photography workshops through councils, organisations and community centres.

You can find Damon’s work here:

“This Refugee Week I’m wishing all refugees are released from Australian (cruel) detention centres.”

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