Refugee Week
Montage of musical instruments including cymbals, drums, tambourine, keyboard and guitar

Free musical instruments

Music for Refugees is offering refugees FREE music instruments.

Being a musician and realising that music is a wonderful stress reliever, Philip Feinstein began a campaign to assist children and adults in detention by way of music classes and jam sessions. He also organised the collection of music instruments for refugees in detention. The project began in 2009 at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney and with the help of the public, it has now expanded to all detention centres throughout Australia. “We are a giving nation and I am proud of the way the Australian public has helped with this mission.”
If you or anyone you know have any instrument lying around, you know where to donate them!

Visit the Music for Refugees website for more information: www.musicforrefugees.orgOr checkout their Facebook page: Music for Refugees

Contact them on mobile: 0415 221 000or email:

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