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Face-to-Face: Schools & Community Program

Face-to-Face: Understanding Refugees

The Face-to-Face program aims to build community harmony and increase awareness of and understanding about refugees through presentations to schools, community groups and professional development activities. We aim to promote social cohesion by addressing negative perceptions and raising public awareness about refugees, their journeys and their contributions to Australia. This is part of a broader strategy of promoting education on social justice, peace and human rights to the Australian community. 

The Face-to-Face program is co-presented by a speaker from a refugee background and a representative of the Refugee Council of Australia.

Presentations are tailored for primary and secondary students, teachers and interested community groups, covering:

  • who refugees are and where they come from
  • facts about refugees worldwide and in Australia
  • the conditions refugees face overseas
  • Australia’s refugee policies

The refugee speakers share personal stories of their journey to safety and give students and community members the opportunity to learn face-to-face about refugees, their experiences and their contributions to Australia.

Incursions can be delivered as a one-hour interactive presentation or two-hour workshop incorporating small group activities. Both presentations and workshops are brought to life with visual support material.

The presentation package includes a comprehensive Resource Guide for teachers containing links to lesson plans, follow-up activities and further reading, as well as information on how to support and advocate for people from refugee backgrounds.

In-Person Bookings (Sydney & Melbourne Only)

RCOA is offering an incursion program for schools in the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas and Wollongong region.

COVID-19 Update

The Face-to-Face program now offers a range of digital packages including virtual incursions, for in-person or digital programs, please complete this booking form.

Cost of the Program: Why we charge

The Refugee Council of Australia is an independent charity which relies on public donations to survive. We receive no government funding for this program or for our core work of research, advocacy and public education on refugee issues. Each refugee speaker is paid a speaker’s fee in recognition of her or his expertise and to cover income lost in making time available to speak.