Refugee Week


Fida is from Afghanistan. This is what freedom means to him.

I have lived my life always searching for freedom. It is a concept that has been cherished by humanity for centuries which in its core refers to the ability to act, speak and think without being restrained by external forces. It is a fundamental human right that is essential for individuals to live a fulfilling life and to purse their goals and dreams.

This fundamental human right only prevailed for me when I met a group of amazing people upon my arrival in Australia. They encouraged and supported me to start a new life here. I completed a double degree in Bachelor of Social Work and Internal Relations. I currently work for the Australia Refugee Association in supporting and empowering young emerging refugee leaders.

I realised that many people drown every year in the sea. Many of them are migrants with minimum swimming skills. I am a proud volunteer for Surf Life Saving SA. I patrol on Adelaide beaches and save lives in the water.

For me, freedom is my agency and sense of giving. Even though I currently hold a temporary visa, my education enables me to support other refugees, especially those suffering from discriminatory policies. 

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