Refugee Week

Fahima Ahmadi

Fahima Ahmadi is a former refugee from Afghanistan. This is what freedom means to her:

I was evacuated from Afghanistan in 2021 when the Taliban took control of Kabul, where I’d worked for several non-governmental organisations.

As a woman in a patriarchal society, gender discrimination was my common experience. Women had limited rights for self-determination, and social, cultural, and religious pressure limited women’s progress.

In Australia, I am free to work and travel without any restrictions. I am free and feel proud that I can use my experience to work for refugees and migrant communities in Australia.

Unlike Afghanistan, there are no hurdles on my path to pursue my aspirations and dreams. I am committed and driven to achieve all my goals in Australia.

I like the fact that I do not get pressured, questioned or judged just because I am a woman. I am free here and so I can become whatever I want to be.

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