Refugee Week
Elizabeth 2


Elizabeth is a former refugee from Venezuela. This is what freedom means to her:

“I was just 14 when I had to flee from my country, Venezuela, in 2014. I had no freedom there. I came to Australia in 2019, but I was alone because the rest of my family is still in Venezuela.

“I strongly believe in functional communities, but my community was small when I arrived in Adelaide. I would volunteer to strengthen my relationships with South American communities here so we could support each other in times of need.

“I am proud to say that we now have a growing and collaborative South American community where we celebrate and support each other together. I have no family here, but my community members are my family.

“I had little support when I came here, so now I support new arrivals to settle in Adelaide. I can speak English, and that enables me to help newly arrived refugees from Latin America.

“I’m passionate about dancing, hairdressing, and make-up. I am free to fulfil my passions here as I have equal rights in Australia.

“For me, my freedom is to be able to help others.”

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