Refugee Week
Three people holding a family, reflecting this year's Refugee Week theme, Finding Freedomo: Family.

Refugee Week Theme 2024 – Finding Freedom: Family

In a world marked by displacement and the search for refuge, this year’s Refugee Week theme “Finding Freedom” – with a focus on family – encapsulates the profound journey of resilience, strength, and unity that defines the refugee experience. This Refugee Week, we aim to shed light on the transformative power of familial bonds as well as chosen bonds in the face of adversity and emphasise the crucial role families play in providing solace, support, and a sense of belonging to those forced to flee their homelands.

This theme invites us to explore the stories of refugees who, despite the challenges they encounter, discover a source of freedom within the embrace of their families. Whether it’s the unwavering support of parents, the protective love between siblings, or the communal strength found in extended and chosen families, neighbours, support systems upon arrival in Australia or the financial and emotional backbones that make the journey to safety possible, these connections become a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty.

We shine a light on the bonds created throughout the refugee journey which have the power to transcend borders and create profound long-lasting relationships that can change lives. The resilience of families torn apart by conflict or persecution inspires communities to come together and extend a hand of solidarity and compassion to those seeking refuge.

2023 – 2025 Theme – Finding Freedom

What does it mean to be free?

To live without the fear of war, to have your basic human rights upheld, to live in equality and without the fear of persecution are just some of the examples of what freedom can entail. Every day millions of people across the world embark on dangerous journeys for the sole purpose of finding safety and freedom. From Australia to nations across the globe, settling into a new environment after experiencing the perils of a refugee’s journey can also provide the opportunity to live, to love and to dream.

Why does Refugee Week have a theme?

  • Our theme helps raise awareness of the issues affecting refugees. It aims to highlight aspects of the refugee experience and help the broader community to understand what it is like to be a refugee.
  • Our theme helps to make Refugee Week a national celebration. It provides a focal point for events across Australia, uniting separate activities into a single nationwide celebration.
  • Our theme promotes harmony and togetherness. It unites individuals, communities and organisations from many different backgrounds behind a common cause. It’s a reminder that, regardless of our differences, we all share a common humanity.
  • Our theme broadens the impact of Refugee Week. It provides a common, cohesive message which can be promoted across the country, helping to maximise the effectiveness of awareness-raising activities.

Past Refugee Week themes

2023: Finding Freedom
2022: Healing
2021: Unity
2020: Year of Welcome
2019: A World of Stories
2018: #WithRefugees
2015-2017: With courage let us all combine
2012-2014: Restoring Hope
2009-2011: Freedom from Fear
2008: A Place to Call Home
2007: The Voices of Young Refugees
2006: Journeys
2005: Different Past, Shared Future
2004: A Journey of Understanding Towards Hope and Respect

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