Australia has welcomed more than 900,000 refugees since 1947.

In the past year, Australia has resettled or permanently protected 18,750 refugees.

The world has 25 million refugees but each year fewer than 0.5% get the chance to resettle in a safer country.

Most people seeking asylum in Australia arrive by air and not by boat.

More than 75% of asylum seekers who have arrived in Australia by boat have been found to be refugees.

Seeking asylum is not illegal. Everyone has the right to seek asylum if your life or freedom is threatened.

Refugees are ordinary people like anybody else but have survived and escaped persecution and violence.

By definition, refugees are survivors. They have survived because of their courage, ingenuity and creativity. These are qualities which we value in Australia.

Refugees bring a lot to Australian society. People who have come as refugees have been successful in the arts, sports, media, science and business.

If we support them to recover from their persecution and rebuild their lives in Australia, Australia will reap the benefits.