Refugee Week is an incredible opportunity for the world to celebrate refugees and people seeking asylum, while raising awareness and honouring people’s journeys to freedom.

The annual, global celebration was born right here in Australia and every year, thousands of people come together to welcome the people in our communities who have sought safety.

It is also an important time for us to educate the wider Australian community about the refugee experience so that together, we can change refugee policy for the better.

Get involved in 2020!

Share a meal

Sitting around a table and enjoying food with others is a tradition that transcends differences in culture, religion, nationality or political beliefs. Storytelling is a powerful way for people to connect and empathise with one another, simply as fellow human beings.  Often, these two things go hand in hand, as families, friends and communities break bread and catch up, or create new stories together.

This year, we’re harnessing the incredible power of food as a means to share stories of the refugee experience. Across the country, people will cook meals brought to Australia by refugee communities, and learn about the people who created them.

Share a mealFor Refugee Week 2020, it’s easier than ever before to get involved.  We’ve put together a resource kit which you’ll receive when you register with everything you’ll need, including recipes, stories and more. With your workplace, community group, schools, families or friends, join us in hosting a meal or morning tea and talking about the people who brought this food to Australia. You can even invite someone with first-hand experience of seeking safety to join your event and share their story.

Refugee Week is organised by the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) – the national peak body for refugee communities and the people and organisations that support them.  RCOA is a completely independent not-for-profit organisation which receives no federal government funding.  We promote fair, humane policies for refugees and people seeking asylum.  If you’d like to support our work, you can also add a fundraising element to your event.

Register your event today and we’ll send you a pack host pack including tips for hosting an event; stories and recipes from our Refugee Week Ambassadors; talking points about the refugee experience in Australia and beyond, fundraising resources and more.

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