The Refugee Council of Australia make a number of resources available to the public who wish to join us in celebrating Refugee Week each year. These include resources you can use if you are organising your own event, or simply if you want to learn more about the refugee experience.

Teachers Resource Kit

Our 2019 Teachers Resource Kit is available here.


The 2020 poster is coming soon. Click here to register a pick-up point for the posters!


The Refugee Week logo is available here.

Resource Kit 2019

Our Resource Kit has been designed to help community organisations, event organisers and teachers to prepare for Refugee Week.

The 2020 Kit is coming soon!


Planning an event

Organising an event requires thought and planning.

To help get you started a list of things to consider can be found here.

Refugee Week Videos

Listen to our Refugee Week Ambassadors, Muzafar Ali, Rnita Dacho, Aung Soe Naing Habiburahman, Flora Choi and Deena Yako share their stories and RCOA President Phil Glendenning welcoming everyone to Refugee Week 2019.

FAQs about the refugee experience

Have some burning questions you need answered? Check out our FAQ page with key information about what it means to be a refugee, and common misconceptions.

Getting publicity and media coverage

Refugee Week is a great opportunity to get your organisation or school into the local media and will help attract attract people to your event.

Click here for some tips on how to get the media to feature your event and/or discuss pertinent refugee issues.

Video Resources

Are you looking for a way to engage with your students, colleagues, friends or family? Hearing directly from someone who has had a refugee experience is by far the most compelling way for people to learn about refugee issues


Useful information about refugee issues

Everything you need to know about the laws and policies around the Refugee Convention and what forces people to leave their homes. A must-read snapshot for anyone who wants to learn more about these issues.


Working ethically with refugees

It is important that individuals and organisations planning any event which has the active participation of refugees, take account of the good practice measures.

Our guide for working ethically with refugees is available here.