Refugee Week
Three photos of food, on left a soup, in the middle a bowl of sweet potato, and pancakes

Our collaboration with SBS Food’s The Cook Up with Adam Liaw

Refugee Noor Azizah and our staff member Rnita Dacho will join The Cook Up host Adam Liaw in the kitchen tonight to create some of their family favourite dishes from their homelands in celebration of #RefugeeWeek.

The Cook Up is a brand new 200-episode series airing every weeknight at 7pm on SBS Food. In each episode, Adam is joined by 2 special guests – a combination of celebrity chefs, cooks and well-known personalities.

Together they cook up a variety of dishes that centre around a nightly theme. Whether it be an ingredient, a style of cuisine or a different culture, Adam kicks things off with his chosen dish to cook. The guests follow suit, talking through their recipes and processes while Adam gets to know them and hear all about their latest accomplishments.

The guests cook together all sharing their knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade, while viewers can watch and follow their recipes at home, all in time to cook them for dinner. The Cook Up showcases all your favourite chefs, celebrities, culture, food and fun – it’s a new series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.

Tonight’s ‘Family Favourites’ episode will air at 7pm on SBS Food. You can stream all episodes for free on SBS On Demand. All recipes and articles from the series will be available at

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