Nova Radio Celebrate Refugee Week

Refugee Week 2020 goes online!

Refugee Week is a celebration.

For one week we put the spotlight on people who have fled their homes and built a new life in Australia. We celebrate their resilience. We acknowledge the richness they bring to the broader community. We recognise that our society is one of migrants and refugees to this land. We work, each year, to ensure that the positive stories we tell during Refugee Week, can counter the negative ones we have seen told at other times of the year. We build the groundwork for a more welcoming and inclusive Australia, together.

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a serious challenge to the usual operation of Refugee Week, we realise that now, more than ever, we need to be promoting the welcoming and inclusive Australia we know exists. During this time of great need and uncertainty, we can leave nobody behind. Therefore we will be moving the myriad of activities during Refugee Week online. It won’t be quite the same as gathering together to share stories, music and food, but it will be powerful nonetheless.

We hope you can join us for this week of celebration. Help us make 2020 the Year of Welcome.

Get involved in Refugee Week today!