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Erfanullah’s story

The Journey

Erfanullah spent his early years in Kabul, enjoying a carefree life with his family. Despite the threat from ongoing regional conflicts, his family maintained a semblance of normalcy, benefiting from the services provided by the then-stable central government. However, in 2021, as foreign aid dwindled and governmental stability faltered, Kabul fell, and Erfanullah and his family became refugees overnight. They secured humanitarian visas, and then endured a perilous journey to the airport amidst chaos and Taliban violence, eventually escaping to Dubai on a troop carrier aircraft, a deeply emotional departure from their homeland.

Arriving in Australia

Erfanullah and his family arrived in Adelaide on 1 September 2021, their initial welcome tempered by a mandatory 14-day Covid quarantine. Despite the subdued start, they found warmth and generosity within the Australian community, which helped them transition to a safer and more stable life. “Gradually,” says Erfanullah, “we established a good network of friends to whom we are immensely grateful.” As Erfanullah adjusted to his new environment, he remained hopeful for Afghanistan’s future, aspiring to influence positive change for his country from abroad.

Giving Back

Motivated by his experiences and the ongoing struggles in Afghanistan, Erfanullah plans to further his education in Counter-Terrorism and Political Science. His goal is to leverage his knowledge and personal history through a career in Australia’s Intelligence Sector, in order to contribute to both his native and adopted countries.

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