Refugee Week
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Educational Webinars

Check out this great resource of webinars that explore key issues around what it means to be displaced and seek safety in new country.

  1. Refugee Alternatives Webinar – The Refugee Council of Australia hosts regular webinars exploring important issues in refugee policy and practice. 
  2. Australian Institute of Foreign Studies – Webinar: Enabling social supports for humanitarian migrants 
  3. Australian Institute of Foreign Studies – Webinar: Cultural considerations to support children from migrant and refugee backgrounds 
  4. Medcast – Webinar 47 | Providing Mental Health Support for Refugees 
  5. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Justice for ImmigrantsWebinar: Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees
  6. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Justice for Immigrants – World Refugee Day Webinar 
  7. Council on Foreign Relations – Academic Webinar: Refugees and Global Migration 
  8. Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)- Webinar: Systems, access, evidence: migrant and refugee women experiencing domestic and family violence 
  9. Orygen –  Webinar: Trauma informed care: working with refugees and asylum seekers 
  10. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – Refugee Health webinar 
  11. LGBTIQ+ Health Australia – Webinar: Feeling Safe, Finding Safety 
  12. Refugee Law Initiative – University of London6th Annual Conference 
    • Key topics include: The ‘Arc of Protection’ and the Future Shape of the Global Refugee Regime, Moving Beyond Refugee Law: Putting Principles on Climate Mobility into Practice, Refugee Leadership and the Future of the Global Refugee Regime
  13. British Council – Language for Resilience: World Refugee Day
    This webinar looks at the topic of language education and resilience. Recordings available at:
  14. Brycs – Bridging Refugees Youth and Children’s Services
    Various webinars available at the following website: 
  15. Child Protection Hub for South East Europe
    The webinar will present ADRA’s study, “Room for Women and Girls: Female Voices From Refugees and Migrants in Serbia”, which presents 91 testimonies of women and girls from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan who were settled in an asylum center in Belgrade during 2018. Recording available at:
    More past webinars by the hub available at this website: 
  16. Heal Torture – Measured Impact Webinar (MIW)
    Minicourse available at:
  17. International Psychoanalytical Association – Refugees and Immigrants: How can Psychoanalysis Contribute?
    Webinar available at:
  18. Jewish Family and Community Services 
    Various webinars available at:
  19. Justice for Immigrants – COVID-19 Impact on Migrants Webinar
    webinar available at:
  20. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) Dialogue Centre
    Various webinars available at:
  21. Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration
    Various webinars available at:
  22. Mental Health Professionals Network – Collaborative Mental Health Care to Support a Young Person from a Refugee Background
    Webinar available at:
  23. Multinclude
    Various webinars available at:
  24. NAMATI
    Various webinars available at:
  25. NetHope
    Various webinars available at:
  26. Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP)
    Various webinars available at:
  27. Social Protection
    Various webinars available at:
  28. The Alliance for Children Protection in Humanitarian Action
    Various webinars available at:


  1. Child Protection Hub for Southeast Europe
    Future Webinars available at this website:
  2. NetHope
    Various webinars available at:
  3. Social Protection
    Various webinars available at:

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