Refugee Week
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Dakhil’s Story

In the heart of Refugee Week 2024, the theme “Finding Freedom” resonates deeply with families torn apart by conflict and persecution. Among them is Dakhil, a resilient father and husband, whose story embodies the strength and courage of refugees striving to rebuild their lives.

Dakhil, once a teacher in his homeland, found himself thrust into the chaos of war when his community, part of the Yazidi minority in Iraq, faced the brutal onslaught of the Islamic State. Fleeing for their lives, Dakhil, his wife, and their six children embarked on a perilous journey in search of safety and freedom.

“After witnessing the horrors of war, my family became my anchor,” Dakhil reflects. “They are my reason to endure, to fight for a better future.”
For five years, Australia has been their sanctuary, a land where hope flickered anew. Yet, the scars of their past lingered, reminding them of the challenges they’ve overcome. Despite the trials, Dakhil remained unwavering in his determination to provide his family with stability and security.

“My family is my life. If there is no family, there is no life for me,” he affirms.

“If I own the whole world and I don’t have family, what is the point of living?”

Dakhil’s resilience extends beyond his own household; he is a pillar of strength in his community, a beacon of hope for those who have endured similar hardships. Whether it’s rallying support during times of celebration or offering solace in moments of tragedy, Dakhil’s leadership is unwavering.

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