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Refugee Week around the world

Refugee Week is an international celebration of refugees and people seeking asylum, and it’s exciting to see the online international presence for Refugee Week growing. Have a look at some of the wonderful work...

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how we became refugees

when i was youngeri lived in a citadelbuilt on sacred earthoverlookingancient riversdijlah, foratfragrant and fertilewhere palm trees floatedupon clouds of molten goldone day, the world discovered and foughtover the...

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Canva Resources

Photo credit: There are a range of wonderful resources for you to use in the lead up to and during Refugee Week to celebrate your life as a refugee or person seeking asylum, or if you don’t have lived experience...

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2022 Refugee Week photographer Damon AMB

‘’Photography for me is the most powerful form of art that transforms the momentary lapse of being into eternal memories.” Damon arrived in Australia in 2013 seeking asylum. He was transferred and kept in two...

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Check out our recommended books on refugees for Refugee Week!