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Abang Anade Othow

I am a survivor of life. My long journey began at the age of five years old in the war-torn country of Sudan. My father was a university professor where he entered politics to extend support and advocacy to the people...

RCOA fact sheet: Refugee Myths & Facts

RCOA fact sheet: Refugee Myths & Facts

Your questions answered. Who is a refugee? ‘Refugee’ is used commonly to refer to people who are forced to leave their homes for many reasons, including conflict and violence. Sometimes it is used to also refer to a...

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Oliver Slewa

I arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1994, after 2 years of travelling as a refugee with my mother and siblings, through Jordan, Turkey and Greece before being granted a refugee visa to Australia. I knew we had to leave...

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Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country

A Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country is an important way to show respects to the First Nation People of this land. We have collated some information about this and other forms of respect for you to use...

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Resource Kit 2022

We have created a resource kit with all the information you need to educate yourself on the importance of Refugee Week and learn more about how to get involved.
RCOA Resource Kit 2022 download  

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Refugee Week around the world

Refugee Week is an international celebration of refugees and people seeking asylum, and it’s exciting to see the online international presence for Refugee Week growing. Have a look at some of the wonderful work...

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how we became refugees

when i was youngeri lived in a citadelbuilt on sacred earthoverlookingancient riversdijlah, foratfragrant and fertilewhere palm trees floatedupon clouds of molten goldone day, the world discovered and foughtover the...

Banner with orange and blue large dots and smaller colourful dots sayign To all those who've come from far and wide, I'm happy you here. Happy Refugee Week 19-25 June 2022

Canva Resources 2022

Our Event Partner Canva has put together some wonderful resources for you to use in the lead up to and during Refugee Week to celebrate your life as a refugee or person seeking asylum, or if you don’t have lived...

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2022 Refugee Week photographer Damon AMB

‘’Photography for me is the most powerful form of art that transforms the momentary lapse of being into eternal memories.” Damon arrived in Australia in 2013 seeking asylum. He was transferred and kept in two...