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There are so many amazing films focused on the lives and experiences of refugees. Check out some of our recommendations.

For Refugee Week, many filmmakers give access to their films to our supporters!

Montage of musical instruments including cymbals, drums, tambourine, keyboard and guitar

Free musical instruments

Music for Refugees is offering refugees FREE music instruments. Being a musician and realising that music is a wonderful stress reliever, Philip Feinstein began a campaign to assist children and adults in detention by...

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I arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 2021. I was born and raised in Lebanon, I completed my Master’s degree in Music Education at Antonine university-Beirut. Growing up in Lebanon, I have so many memories of wars...

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I arrived in Australia in July 2018 with my family on a refugee humanitarian visa. Prior to that, I lived in Turkey for four years following the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011. I was born in Northern Syria...

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I am a survivor of life. My long journey began at the age of five years old in the war-torn country of Sudan. My father was a university professor where he entered politics to extend support and advocacy to the people...

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I arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1994, after 2 years of travelling as a refugee with my mother and siblings, through Jordan, Turkey and Greece before being granted a refugee visa to Australia. I knew we had to leave...